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Similar alternatives to voucher bars:
It's very much like the name suggests. You pre purchase vouchers from us and hand them out to your guests, they then exchange them for a choice of drinks at the bar.

This is a great way to distribute your budget more fairly between your guests and prevent any party animals going crazy on your tab!

How does it work?
You pre purchase as many or as few vouchers as you like. We then send these to you in advance so that you can distribute them between you're guests however you see fit. They then exchange their vouchers at the bar for any of the selected drinks available and once they have used up all their vouchers we simply revert to a cash bar. If the tab does not reach the pre agreed limit by the end of the service you will receive a refund of the unspent amount.

What happens about the difference between the voucher value and the actual drinks cost?
We charge just £3 for the drinks vouchers, this is the average price for a drink on our bars. Some people will get a pint of coke (£2.40) while others will get a bottle of cider or ale (£3.50) all together by the end of the event it averages out, we won't charge you any extra for it.

What drinks can guests get with the vouchers?
The vouchers can be exchanged for a wide range of drinks listed on the voucher at any of our bars. If your guests wish they can pay the small disffrance to upgrade they're drinks to our super or hyper premium ranges.

What happens if we run out of vouchers?
If your guests use up all their vouchers the bar will revert to a cash bar for them.
- Pay Per Head Free Bar

You pay a fixed price per head and your guests get unlimited drinks without being charged. You get to relax knowing that your not going to have to worry about what the tab comes to at the end of the night.

This is a great way to set a fixed budget with no unforeseen costs. You can just relax and enjoy your party. Click here to find more details on this option.