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Similar alternatives to pay per head bars:
This is a great way to set a fixed budget with no unforeseen costs.
You can just relax and enjoy your party.

How does it work?
You pay a fixed price per head and your guests get unlimited drinks without being charged. You get to relax knowing that your not going to have to worry about what the tab comes to at the end of the night.

What drinks will you serve?
We have several different options available for you to chose from, there is a chart further down this page that shows the price per person for each package based on 4 hours service of unlimited free drinks to your guests as well as any additional hours. If you are expecting a very large number of guests at your event contact us as we can offer further discounts on these figures. Here is a little info on what each package includes:
- Voucher Bar

It's very much as the name suggests. You pre purchase vouchers from us and hand them out to your guests, they then exchange them for a choice of drinks at the bar. If your guests wish they can pay the small difference to upgrade their drinks to our super or hyper premium ranges or if they use up all their vouchers the bar will revert to a cash bar for them.

This is a great way to distribute your budget more fairly between your guests and prevent any party animals going crazy on your tab! Click here to find out more about voucher bars.
- Tab Free Bar

Tab Bars are where your guests get free drinks until a specified amount of time or money has been spent. The bar will then turn into a cash bar.
- Cash Bar

You could just hire the standard cash bar and just put cash behind the bar on the day, once it's used up we will revert to a cash bar. Although this is popular and can be done without booking in advance we do encourage you to let us know of this intention before your event so that the staff can be prepared with the tills set up to accept this ready for your guests.
- Basic (Beer, Wine & Soft Drinks)

Draught lager and a selection of standard bottled beers and wines for your guests to choose from plus standard soft drinks.

- Standard (Beer, Wine, Soft Drinks & Spirits)

Your guests get the same drinks as available in the basic package but in addition will be able to choose from a selected range of our premium spirits including Smirnoff vodka, Bells, Gordon's and many more.
- Full Bar (Our full range of 200+ products!)

Really show your guests you care as you treat them to the full bar. Your guests get to choose from our full range of drinks including all of our premium and super premium spirits, our extensive range of bottled beers, all of our wines and much much more. Nothing is held back your guests can all try some of the most premium drinks available.

- Cocktail Bar (Cocktails & Mocktails)

Choose up to any 8 alcoholic and 2 non alcoholic cocktails from our list to be served at your event. Our professional team will give your guests as many consistently well balanced cocktails as they can drink throughout your event. All made with the freshest premium ingredients
- Cocktail Bar Plus (Cocktails, Mocktails, Beer & Wine)

Add the option of bottled beer and a selection of wine to your cocktail bar for as little as £1 per hour. This will look after any non adventurous drinkers at your event whilst still offering the same high quality premium cocktails you want.
Pay Per Head Bar Prices:
If you are expecting a very large number of guests at your event contact us as we can offer further discounts on these figures.